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2009 Custom Garden Designs

The Designers at customgardendesigns also love to create custom gardens that help people discover the health and financial rewards of vegetable gardening. Many people are turning to vegetable gardening to be certain that they are eating organic, healthy food. Many people want to garden to stay healthy by exercise. Many people are trying vegetable gardening for the first time to save money in their quest to eat correctly.  Visit us at to see more!


We take great pleasure in assisting new gardeners through providing easy to plant Pre-Planned Vegetable Garden Designs, with informational sheets that are customized to the exact list of vegetables that you are planting. We also provide information on how to work the ground, how to plant, how to fertilize and how to determine how you can battle pests.


The designs and information sheets are provided via email. All supplies, materials or decorate items purchased are shipped directly to the customer via whichever method the customer requests.


All of the designs shown on our vegetable garden website are Pre-Planned Gardens so you can have one stop shopping. These Pre-Planned gardens contain the design, the list of soil and amendments and the vegetables or herbs seeds. There is a detailed cost. We email you the design and we ship the seeds. The materials and garden supplies are outlined in the cost sheet so that you can purchase them directly from a link to a company that we suggest or from a local garden center. See the Pre-Planned Mediterranean Garden for a taste of the vegetables that make up ratatouille. See the Pre-Planned Herb Garden to have fresh herbs close by on a great patio raised cedar bed; the cost of the organic herb seeds, organic soil and great cedar raised patio bed are all included along with the design.


There are three different types of gardens on this site. Some were designed to be CONTAINERS for patio gardens, some are in RAISED BEDS and others were designed for IN GROUND planting.




If you want a custom design, we do that too! Email us and tell us what would be a good time to call, your favorite veggies and where you live. A designer will call and interview you to determine the best direction for your project. Visit at and click on the "Custom" tab for design fee costs.


We design and suggest the vegetable types, quantities and areas. We will incorporate stone walks, seating areas, trellis, arbor or pergola accents. also provide links to great companies to buy the seeds from. You choose the varieties you wish to try of each vegetable. Please see the Great Resources tab for seeds, garden supply, fencing, garden accents companies.


If you have a gardening question, Use the field for "Ask our Gardeners" on the Contact Us page. If you need more room use the Message box. We'd be happy to share our experiences and knowledge with you.


Please visit our unique vegetable garden website:


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