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Why is it better to have a professional garden designer create your garden plans?


Designers spend their entire working week designing, looking into plant facts and checking out plants at nurseries. They are experienced in both the artistic side of designing and in the scientific needs of each plant. They are trained in listening to the clients needs and advising them on what will work in their situation - even if it is NOT what the client thinks they want.

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Will hiring a garden designer save me money in the long range?


Yes, if the project is thoroughly thought out on paper before you spend one dollar on hardscape elements (patios, walks, walls) and plants you will save all the money revisions would take. Also with our computer program the design will put each plant in at mature size so you won't buy too many plants - which is often done with inexperienced homeowners and landscapers.

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What is a perennial?


A Perennial is a plant which comes up year after year, usually blooms one month maybe two, and then dies down in the fall. Come spring that same perennial comes up again. Most perennials grow bigger, spread, make baby plants, so your investment grows and grows and grows. You usually end up giving plants away.

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I want a low - maintenance landscape.


One of the best ways to give a customer low - maintenance is to use a majority of both evergreen and flowering shrubs. They only require pruning a couple times a year. Then we can add a few bullet proof perennials like hostas, Iris, or single peonies.

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Are all perennials bulbs?


No some are plants with roots, some are bulbs, some are rhizomes and some are corms. Garden designers know the special requirements of these different types of perennials, such as bulbs don't like to be wet and rhizomes are planted near the surface not deep in the ground. Designers know how wide each plant gets so they leave enough room, and they also know when they bloom and when they go dormant so they can overcrowd effectively.

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Can I have color all throughout the summer?


Yes, Garden designers know what plants bloom in specific months and they use that knowledge to create a garden that will bloom and change each month throughout the summer. In fact they use this information to create mini season changes, and to combine plants that bloom together and look good together in what we call "plant marriages".

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How much time will it take to keep a garden up?


If you perform a good spring clean up and dig out every weed your summer will require light weekly weedings. There will always be deadheading old flowers and removing brown leaves. The amount of time depends on the size of your garden and your garden designer can give you some direction based on your site and the size of the garden.

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What if we want to add plants in a future year to a garden designed and installed this year, can you help us do that?


Your Custom Garden Design electronic file will be kept in our office. If you need a revision, call us and we can quote you a charge to make the revision.

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